The Virtual Naylor Project

This project uses the multi-user virtual environment (MUVE), Second Life, to teach the texts of Gloria Naylor.

Project Team:

Laura Nicosia (SL: LauraMaria Onomatopeia)
Beth Ritter-Guth (SL: Desideria Stockton)
Eloise Pasteur (SL: Eloise Pasteur)


The Willow Springs Project - This virtual island includes all of the items you would expect to see from Mama Day's island home. Hosted at CHSS Montclair. Designers: Laura Nicosia, Beth Ritter-Guth, Eloise Pasteur, AJ Kelton

Bailey's Cafe and Brewster Place - These immersive classrooms inlcude many of the items you might expect to see in the Gloria Naylor novels Bailey's Cafe, The Women of Brewster Place, and The Men of Brewster Place. Hosted by Butch Day at the VIT World Group. Designers: Beth Ritter-Guth, Eloise Pasteur

Linden Hills and Dante's Inferno - These side-by-side builds demonstrate the similar structure of Linden Hills to Dante's Inferno. Designers: Beth Ritter-Guth, Eloise Pasteur

Bliki Materials:
Laura's Journal
Beth's Journal
Eloise's Journal