9th June

This is going to be fun: I am a teacher - of biology, numeracy and working supporting dyslexic learners and learners with mental health conditions and the like. I also teach SL skills which is will be relevant. I'm Welsh too - when I went looking for Mama Day at the bookshop they'd never heard of it. Fortunately Amazon.co.uk came to the rescue, and the book is in the post.

What I'm bringing to this project, at the moment, is building, scripting, and texturing skills. We are having to work closely together because I don't know what the things look like. However, I'm using this time to teach Laura and Beth to build as well - we've got a while before it goes live, if things get too close I might have to take over there just to get the stuff done in time.

11th June

I've done some tweaking today, after laying prim ground to fit the workspace into over the weekend. Mama Day's trailer is now taller so avatars don't lose their camera views into the roof all the time. The Other Place and graveyard have some sound effects to make them a bit more eerie, I hope. There is also a "magic circle" on the floor that will let you enter the study space, with a crash of thunder to mark your disappearance.

16th June

I've nearly finished reading Mama Day. It now rains in Willow Springs a lot thanks to a bit of particle magic, and there's some lightning too, occasionally. Mama Day's trailer isn't right, so Desi and I took a trip to SLeezywood and found a couple of potential new trailers. I'm going to wait for Desi to get back to make a final choice... Being awkward I prefer the colours of one with the structure of the other!

I'm not sure quite what to make of Mama Day - except to be glad I've never tried to live with a man IRL! Student houses don't count because you don't live together like that. Actually, that first statement isn't quite true. I'm really enjoying it, but some of the comments about living with men I'm finding it hard to relate to first hand, although from what I've seen of my female friends, I suspect that it's spot on, and there are certainly bits of it I can relate to from working with men. There's a tonne of content appearing, and few things left to do - a bill of sale (not got there in the book yet) and so on, but this is just about ready to go live.

Since this is virtual Naylor, not virtual Willow Springs - yesterday Desi and I hooked up with Bruce Dae who is giving us some space for Bailey's Cafe. Another book I've not read, but one I'm looking forward to reading and building for. I think Desi's got some land lined up for Linden Hills as well, but I'm less sure about that, I was waking up after a heavy night's sleep following a massive migraine when we last talked about it and my memory is a little patchy thanks to that.

16th June, later

Finished Mama Day. Posted a review on my blog.